S100 3D Printing Presentation & Resources

Video & Slide Show

Presentation Slide Show => PDF


Prusa3d.com FDM Personal Model $899 (#1 Rated 3D Printer by Make MagazinVol 54)
Form2 Desktop SLA machine. I own 2 printers from this company. Works Well. $3,499
MarkForged Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Metal Printing 3D Printers From $3,499
Make Magazine 3D Printer Shootout

Pancake Printers

PancakeBot 3D Pancake Printer

3D Chocolate Printers

Choc Edge (No Price Shown.  Looks Expensive)
3D Systems Chocolate Printer
Hershey 3D Chocolate Printer


Professional Software

AutoDesk Fusion360 (my Favorite)
SolidWorks (love it but Fusion360 is Native MAC and has CAM)
Rhino (Awesome for Non-Parametric Modelling but Fusion360 Does this too)

Educational Software (For Home, Kids, Fun and Functioning)

Autodesk 123D Apps (Many are Free)

123D Design Create Make 3D Models (FREE)
123D Catch  Create 3D models from Photos (FREE)
TinkerCad   Browser Based Modeler
123D Make   Turns 3D Models into 2D Build Plans (Amazing) (FREE)


Solidworks Apps for Kids (Free)

Electroincs (Prototype the Electronics Your Parts Need)

Circuits.io Prototype Circuit Design (Newer)
Fritzing Prototype Circuit Design (Awesome)
Eagle PCB Professional with Freeware Version MAC/Windows/Linux
DEXPCB Nice inexpensive program for Windows

Financial & Technical Market Information

PatSeer Patent Insight Pro Report = PDF


Web Information & Articles

The Night I Invented 3D Printing By the Guy Who Invented it (CNN)
20 ‘Best’ 3D Printing Software Article (Website)
3D Printing For Beginners (Website)

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