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The ColorCutter® ShapeSHARK™

Draw a shape and it's cut out!

ColorCutter® ShapeSHARK™ Markers are an amazing new toy that cuts out shapes as you draw! ColorCutter® Markers use a patented safer cutting technology and come in lots of great colors!

Washable ColorCutter® ShapeShark™ Markers are easier and more fun than scissors, great for school and art projects, and awesome for creating and building with paper. We only use non-toxic, acid-free, washable ink.

Permanent ColorCutter® Markers are made with patented safer technology, and made with acid-free, high-quality inks! They are great for scrapbooking and home decor, for cutting photos, vellums, and card stock. ColorCutter® Markers are as easy to use as drawing!

*shipping starts in August, 2015

The Wizard RC (TM)

Control at the Wave of your Hand

The Wizard RC (TM) is an amazing new remote control car, in which everything becomes the controller!

This point and go remote control allows you to move the car with a wave of your hand. This intuitive user interface car works with action figures, hands, pet hamsters, or anything you can safely hold!

The Wizard RC (TM) is easy to use for all ages and is patent pending.

*shipping starts in August